Cork through the Barracks

‘Cork through the Barracks’ is a seventy minute documentary which tells the story of Collins Barracks in Cork and what a key role it has played in all of the major historic events in Cork over the past two centuries. In particular it sheds new light on the revolutionary period in Cork and the part that the barracks played in the formation of a new Ireland. Finally it allows viewers inside the high barrack walls to get a better understanding of the role that Collins Barracks plays in Cork today.

Mother Jones and Her Children

The documentary outlines the life of the most famous Corkwoman in America – Mary Jones, formerly Mary Harris. It tells of her extraordinary life – her early years in Cork, her survival of the famine and emigration to Canada, her move to the US and her marriage to George Jones, her life as a mother to four young children, her tragic loss of her entire family and later her business, her entry into the labour movement and her growing involvement in organising workers to the point where she is dubbed “the most dangerous woman in America.

Seamus Murphy – A Quiet Revolution

Seamus Murphy – A Quiet Revolution explores the life and career of the Irish sculptor Seamus Murphy.

The film delves into the relationship between the artist and the community in which he worked, in both a historical and contemporary context.

Seamus Murphy was one of the last in a centuries-old line of stone carvers and this documentary honours his memory and re-examines his legacy.

The Main Street: Our Street

The Main Street: Our Street’ is a six-part series which captures life on the busy main street of Tipperary Town in Co. Tipperary. Each of the six 15-minute programmes in this series gives the viewer a window onto Main Street at a particular time of the day.

The series will feature the lives and the stories of the people who live, work and visit the street throughout the day, with particular attention being focused on the details, activities and sights which may ordinarily go un-noticed, even by those who travel through the street each day.

The series will give a comprehensive vision of the street, with the viewer coming away with a feeling of having taken a detailed and satisfying journey along this thoroughfare.