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ork Community Television

Cork Community Tv

Cork Community Television (CCTv) was established as a Company Limited by Guarantee (without share capital) in May 2007. CCTv’s founding members are representatives of the community and voluntary sector and the community media sector who began meeting following the Pilot Week of Cork Community Television in 2005, to establish CCTv on a more permanent basis.

Aims and Objectives of Cork Community Television Ltd

The primary aim of Cork Community Television is to enable communities to make, manage and broadcast television programming to reflect the interests, activities and concerns of these communities, in order to effect positive social change.


  • To facilitate the production and broadcast of non-commercial programmes relating to community issues and to provide an accessible means of communication for our members

  • To provide equipment, training and resources and to meet the needs of our members, subject to such funding being made available to Cork Community Television

  • To encourage participation in all aspects of providing the service and in turn in to encourage participation in the governance and development of Cork Community Television

  • To promote equality and social justice and to challenge instances of inequality and social exclusion

  • To encourage creative expression in our members

  • To encourage diversity in membership and programme content and to ensure a pluralistic society is represented

  • To operate in a democratic and fair manner, using co-operative principles

  • To ensure that the channel on which the community content is broadcast is free from censorship and control of programme content, except to comply with statutory codes and standards

  • To explore new and emerging technologies in the development of community television

  • To advocate for community television on a local and national basis

  • To develop partnerships with various agencies and other bodies in relation to building community television in Cork

  • To establish and maintain an archive of programmes broadcast on the community channel.
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